4545 Stamp Device

MX-4545 Stamp Device

Please note that this product is the stamp device only and does not include the custom stamp plate.


Wish you didn't have to change your stamp plates? Add an extra stamp device - one for each extra plate and have just the right stamp at hand when you need it.

The Mason Row Self-Inking Stamp has a patented removable die plate that makes changing out stamp designs clean and easy!  All you need is an extra stamper and the opportunities to change out your custom stamp designs are endless.

  • The 4545 stamp device comes with a black ink cartridge that will last for thousands of impressions.  
  • Changing out your stamp designs is easy!  Instructions are included.
  • Be sure to pick up extra colored ink cartridges for your stamper – choose from 10 colors!

Please Note: Check your current stamp and make sure the one you already own is a 4545 (see images) to ensure that your extra stamp plates will fit correctly in your new stamper.

Not sure which stamping device you already own? Please contact CustomerService@MasonRow.com or call us at 844.832.0165.

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